Restore Your Inner Energy

DR. FIR ® fabrics and textiles integrate and leverage Far Infrared Rays (FIR) from your body’s heat, and transforms them into gently and deeply restored energy back to your body.

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Learn about FIR: Far Infrared Rays

Your body produces infrared rays, our DR. FIR products collect your thermal heat and bring your bioenergy back to your body.

Free the Nature in Your Body

The full line of DR. FIR ® products is 100% Made In Italy, and created with a highly technological fabric which provides the necessary well-being for your body’s natural and psycho-physical balance.

How FIR Fabrics Work

FIR fabrics integrate a mineral additive that converts the Far Infrared Rays of the body’s thermal energy and diffuses them over the skin, with a gentle and deep biodynamic warming effect.

DR. FIR DAY product line

Comfortable, practical daytime clothing and accessories that also are real energetic activators, DR. FIR products improve blood circulation and oxygenation, and are excellent ally to fight cellulite and back pain. Anti-inflammatories, comfortable for any activity from relaxing to exercising, DR. FIR products improve lumbar muscle tone, relieve the sense of fatigue, and supply restored energy to the whole body.

DR. FIR NIGHT product line

A complete night line of Dr. FIR products that will help you rediscover your psychophysical well-being, and will allow you to wake up in a restored, reactivated vital state, improving the overall quality of your sleep and life.

DR. FIR: Energy Inside.

Our scientific and technological  approach to bioenergetics.

DR. FIR ® is part of a group of companies engaged in the field of research and continuous development aimed at providing its customers with products that improve life and ensure well-being. Our company is an industry leader in the field of design, manufacture and sale of fabrics and textile-based products based on FIR (Far Infrared Rays) technologyTo guarantee high quality standards, DR. FIR secured the trust and know-how of important Italian and foreign professional collaborations and partnerships of considerable importance.

On the textile side DR. FIR partners the giant that revolutionized the technology of intelligent fibers, Nilit Fibers. Founded in 1969 and present in over 70 countries around the world, our partner continuously carries out scientific research coordinated by polytechnics of considerable importance.

On the epigenetic research side, DR. FIR partnered with the EV Aesthetics research labs, a research and production industry leader with more than 20 years experience in the world of professional aesthetics and aesthetic medicine.

The Organic Benefits of DR. FIR Products.

Learn about the organic benefits of FIR – Far Infrared Rays, and about the natural benefits conveyed to your body, health and bioenergetic balance by the FIR products designed for Day and Night by DR. FIR.


Oxygenation, Improved blood flow, proper heart function


Improved metabolism, vital energy of the reactivated body


Overall body tonification and localized cellulite reduction


Thermoregulatory effect that optimizes body temperature

DR. FIR DAY Product Line

FIR leggings, corsair and unisex shorts

Men’s and women’s FIR Tshirts and vests

FIR-based accessories

All products of the DR. FIR DAY line are practical, real energetic activators. They improve blood circulation, oxygenation, are anti-inflammatories, and comfortable for any activity. DR. FIR products also improve the circulatory process and muscle tone, give energy and overall well-being, alleviate the sense of fatigue, and are excellent ally in fighting cellulite. 

DR. FIR NIGHT Product Line

Mattresses pillows and pillowcases

Mats and breathable devices

A complete night line of DR. FIR products that will help you rediscover your psychophysical well-being and will always wake you up in a reactive and vital state, improving the overall quality of your sleep and life.

 DR. FIR’s Therapeutic, Health, Wellness and Sport Applications.

DR. FIR products’ ability to capture your body heat and to convey your thermal energy back to your body make our Day and Night product lines the perfect allies also in the physical and energetic restoration of your body, offering a number of benefits in many therapeutic, health, wellness and sport applications. 

Our Happy Clients

When I started using DR. FIR I wasn’t expecting to see my energetic balance improving so much and so quickly. I actually wear my FIR tshirts, vests and leggings every day, as they are perfect for everything I do in my day, wether is to go to work or to the gym, to a yoga class or just to stay home. They are so comfortable and fashionable at the same time, I bought each item in pairs so I can always have one available. 

Maria Pilar, Barcelona (Spain)

Our Happy Clients

Last year I had a sport accident that required plenty of physiotherapy, but the recovery was not so fast, until I discovered DR. FIR, that really helped speed up the process. Even my physiotherapist was surprised with the results, and now he’s suggesting to all his clients to use DR. FIR products to speed up the recovery process.

Antonio, Rome (IT)

Contact Dr. FIR

Via M.te Napoleone, 8 20121 Milan, Italy

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Connect to the source of the energy.

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